PRECAST is the official publication of the precast concrete industry and its representative body, the Concrete Manufacturers Association (CMA). It is the only publication in southern Africa exclusively covering the precast concrete industry, and provides informative, targeted and highly relevant content for CMA members and industry professionals.


The title looks at all aspects of concrete and concrete construction, providing readers with the latest South and southern African news and views, together with project features, technical subjects and business issues, case studies of various manufactured concrete applications, company profiles and product reviews.


PRECAST’s readership includes architects, engineers, developers, contractors, design professionals and property owners. The collective knowledge and expertise of its members fosters an environment which encourages the development of innovative, environmentallyand community-friendly products. Its members are distinguished as producers of quality precast concrete.


PRECAST is published four times a year and read by key decision makers in the industry, both from manufacturers’ position and a buyer’s/specifier point of view.


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